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Welcome to my website, home of Coolstar Comics. I am Paul-John Novak, Jr. You can also find me on the internet under the aliases darth_paul, darth_paul99, and phantomjediN (huge Star Wars geek if you can’t tell lol). I am a full-time graphic designer from San Antonio, TX and an amature cartoonist/illustrator. This site is my effort to have a space to showcase my many talents from illustration and writing, to my professional design work. Another large part of this site is to show my comics which I have dubbed the Coolstar Comics Universe which has characters and stories from a mix of many diffferent genres. I'm sure that there is something for everyone, and that you will find something that will interest you. It is my labor of love and I hope that you will enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy creating it.

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CSC Titles & Stories

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All charater images posted and related written information pertaining to the Coolstar Comics Universe is ©Copyrighted 1992-2009 by Paul Novak & Coolstar Comics. Please do not use without permission. Character names and likenesses are not meant to reflect any known living persons and any similarities are purely coincidental. Graphic Design work posted is a combination of my own ©Copywrited work and professional pieces for companies that I've worked for. Please do not use any of it without permission.